About Us

We are a small online jewellery store with a love for all things dainty and meaningful.

Our name was inspired by the French translation of 'she loves' (elle aime) and our product range was designed with this in mind. All of our pieces are sold separately so that you are able to create something that is truly unique and meaningful to you. This also means that you can keep the things that you love close to your heart. 

Our name also incorporates our founder's initials (L.M).


You can create your own ELLEMM necklace in three easy steps:


Select your chain.


Create your necklace by adding on pendants that are meaningful to you or someone special. You can also just pick the pendants that you like instead!


To add a personalised touch your necklace, choose to have an initial or zodiac sign hand stamped on any of our blank pendants. 


Our three steps are just a guide to assist you in creating your ELLEMM necklace. The options are unlimited and the choice is yours to create something that you love that is also unique and meaningful to you or someone special.